How To Make The Most Of Your Engagement Session

Almost every couple says to me, "We feel or are awkward in front of the camera".

Trust me, I get that. I used to feel that way but then I realized it can be so much fun if you are prepared & do some of these things, you will have a blast & LOVE your photos.

Read the tips in this blog and I hope they help with your next session!!

Tip One:

Start a Pinterest board of photos & poses you like. This will also help you choose location or envision your photos. Choose a location or look that is special to you and that fits your relationship.

Tip Two:

Pick at least two outfits: One dressy & one casual. Getting dressed up will give you that special occasion, let's celebrate feeling which is exactly what we are doing!!!

Tip Three:

Have a private, sentimental moment before your session. Write each other letters or a note. List reasons why you love each other or what you are most excited about. This will get you in the mood for lots of kissing, hugging, and all the feels for your session.

During the session

  • Have fun & enjoy the moment
  • Kiss A LOT & everywhere
  • Squeeze & hold your loved one
  • Laughing & not taking it too seriously will make you enjoy it so much more
  • Take it SLOW, these moments are forever
  • Tell me your ideas, I love celebrating your unique relationship

Yay!!! Now I hope you feel ready for your session & you are getting EXCITED!!!

Stay tuned for more tips & always feel free to reach out so I can help plan & make your engagement session the best experience!

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